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This is Retention.

January 26, 2017.

So you will find out what “retention” really means and what “loyalty” refers to. You’ll learn about different types of retention campaigns – or loyalty – and you’ll see (even smile) why some are not inspired at all.

Keep in mind how to keep customers.

April 03, 2016.

The book explains […] the differences between loyalty and retention, ways of action, strategies, budgets, and everything else that is good to know to conquer and keep a client.

This is Retention.

March 3rd, 2016.

Who is the author of this revolutionary book, the first in Romania, about keeping, not losing, customers? Expert in Retention Marketing, with extensive experience in developing and implementing Global Customer Retention Strategies. He knows “How to CRM” from pricing & data analysis to communication to customers.

Outsourcing Customer Care - an engine for economic growth

November 16, 2015.

Companies that do not take into account the automation and humanization of the “Customer Care” departments will enter an acute crisis of personnel and solutions. The author of the first book on “Customer Retention” in Romania, will tell us what the key features of the “Customer Care” market are.

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