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This is retention.

Not loyalty.

About the book.


The one that discovered my passion for Customer Retention.

“I’ve read the book with great interest and pleasure. Knowing the writer, I was certain already beforehand of its value. The confirmation came from the first pages. “This is retention” is a book that approaches the difference between retention and loyalty directly. And it doesn’t stop there. The author takes us on a tour of the retention process and its other related activities. Retention doesn’t just happen and is very much related with existent or future mechanisms within the organizations of today and tomorrow. The book is a must read for anyone who wants to keep a client.”

Catalin Cosoi - This is Retention

Catalin COȘOI

Chief Security Strategist & Global Communications Director, Bitdefender

“You don’t just read This is Retention. I’ll tell you just what you need to do. Choose a quiet place, near a nice window, in a café or outside. An A4 sheet, which you will fold once, and a pencil. Grab a coffee, a big one, with some milk and sugar. And maybe some 2 or 3 cigarettes – if you smoke. And then read the subtitle: “The first book in Romania about customer retention”. Now you can start. It shouldn’t take you more than one hour. Write on the paper the things you believe you can apply in your organization. Don’t worry if you didn’t write anything in the first 5 minutes – ideas will start flowing as you read, so you’ll have what to write down. Then, read the subtitle again: “The first book in Romania about customer retention”. Congratulations! You’ve just invested one single hour of your time with a return on investment that doesn’t do Mihai justice. You won’t realize it now, but in 2 or 3 months you’ll understand what this hour did for you, while you were drinking your coffee. Yes, I’ll know, you’ll thank Mihai and me. You’re welcome!”

Diana-Maria CISMARU

Associate Professor, Ph. D. Head of Public Relations, NUPSPA Bucharest

“The book brings strong reasons for introducing “real” loyalty and retention of clients in the marketing strategy. By showing some confusions or routine reactions of customers that could be confused with loyalty, the author pleads for a change in the marketing approach, saying that “intelligent strategies” can have effect only by building a genuine attachment of the client for the organization. In the last part of the book, Mihai Dragnea makes a short analysis of the particularities of clients’ loyalty in the digital age, showing that classical perspectives on loyalty should become in the first place flexible and adapted to clients’ feedback. Finally, the book, written in an accessible style, is an invitation for practitioners to study and apply strategies for clients’ retention, as the only solution for sustainable development.”


Social Media Expert & Blogger

“I would recommend this book as a mandatory read for all professionals in every organization, from front desk to C-level. In any moment, irrespective of hierarchy, everybody is taking decisions that can influence in a positive way customer retention and customer happiness which easily can lead to higher customer loyalty. Mihai shows in his book how you should manage the client retention problems in organizations and on top, he explains the importance of taking informed decisions both business and customer oriented.”

About the author.

Marcela Stoica - This is Retention

Marcela STOICA

Senior Management Skills Developer

“We have technocrats (enough of them), birocrats (maaaanyyy) and… the passionate ones (too few). Mihai is one of the latter. If you know him, you know what I’m saying. If you don’t know him, read his book, and you’ll agree. You’ll be tempted to read it at once. Do that and then come back to it – just as you do when you hastily eat the first bites of a chocolate bar, just to take your time afterward and savor it in small bits, to better catch its flavor and meaning. I’ve met him as a new team leader, and I’ve seen him in action both as a people manager and an expert. I loved his creativity from the beginning. The way he put it in practice – with elegance and freshness (and, please note, this was happening in a corporate environment!). I find again the same elegance in the incisive and tactful manner he used while writing this book. Maybe the only confusion I made when (re)reading his book was: is it literature or a specialty book?! This took a while to comprehend, but I remembered that Mihai knows how to transform a business into art: I’ve seen him approaching with charm, humor and in a fast pace one of the most challenging KPIs.

Madalina Vilau - Thisisretention

Mădălina VILĂU

Managing Director, Marketing Insiders Group

“Mihai is a fully-fledged artist. And his art lies in the craft of putting in practice one of the most beautiful business disciplines: the relation with customers. One needs patience, creativity, and an extraordinary vision, from all points of view, and encompassing both sides of the “barricades” that many times rise involuntary between clients and companies. In our race for market share and profits, much of our time and resources are spent to attract new customers, forgetting the fact that, more than anything else, the relationship with our existing customers and their perception of our brand is of vital importance. Mihai is one of those leaders who bring to reality the vision of cultivating such relationships in the long term. And he has both the intuition, as well as the business experience needed to select the right tools and methods through which he can reach straight to the customer’s heart. Because, in the long term, this is where decisions are taken.”

The author.


Delivering performance in Customer Retention. Passion included. Since 2006.

More than 12 years’ expertise in Customer Retention (CRM, Segmentation, Propensity Models, Churn Management, Pricing, Renewal & Engagement, Team Management). Building strategies, teams, and passion for Customer Retention covering both Consumer & Enterprise segments, multiple business models (online subscription & channel multiple-tiers) in leading companies (Telecom, Banking & IT Security), both local and Worldwide. Sharing my Customer Retention & Loyalty lessons as a guest teacher at top Universities in Romania: University of Economic Studies (Econometrics Models course) & National School of Political and Administrative Studies (Master in Social Media & Online Marketing).

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