Customer Retention

The Future of Customer Retention

“I dare to say we will live in a business world where B2C, B2B, or H2H will be outdated.”

The intro.

This is not a traditional article, based on studies, trends, latest numbers. This is an article based on gut feeling, on inspiration on all the years spent in creating, managing, understanding, and seeing the evolution of businesses in more than a decade.

Usually, my work is deeply connected to numbers, sometimes a way of rationalizing what I kind of already knew even without them. Some of us call that guesstimates. I will call it instinct.

I am encouraging you, all the readers, to start thinking feeling more about your instinct. You shouldn’t imagine that instinct is not based on your experience, on what you created, saw, read, understood beyond the obviousness of numbers. Your instinct is more about you than any data in the world.

The Context.

In a world where we are almost suffocated by data, let’s allow ourselves to use our instincts more than ever. It’s what we now can call “the rise of EQ” or from an economics perspective, the Empathy Economy. And I am not thinking of the raw meaning of economy but at the largest meaning. Economy, according to my instinct, it’s about how our actions can be profitable from more than the monetary perspective.

Profit in terms of emotions. Yes, this sounds a bit blurry, but this will be the future of Customer Retention. Why?

Because the current context leaves so much room for emotions. More than ever. More precisely, a need for emotions, if not a gap. For almost a year now, we are encouraged to wear masks. This is so simple: a mask covers the most complex part of the human body that expresses emotions: our face and, more precisely, our smile. Yes, we can see it virtually on screens, but do you feel the screen? Or yes, we can feel with the very closest ones, friends, family, but what about that need of showing your smile to the world when you see two lovers together in a park. Oh, wait, if they wear masks, you can see their happiness only partially.


Partially. This is the word defining the current context. We can see each other, but the screen allows us to see only a part. We can visit our friends, but only a part of them. We can feel, but only a part of the emotions that we used to feel. Why? Simple: because we are now living our lives only partially. One of my mentors said a thing that fixed the status quo: the entire world was dragged suddenly into a global trauma. Yes, this might sound a bit dramatic, but it is. And most of the time, healing traumas takes time, effort, and more important, self-awareness – a lot of self-awareness!

Now, let’s think a bit: how many of the people were self-aware before the current context?

The Future. F2F.

And now, let’s feel.

This will be the Future of Customer Retention. Because it is more than ever about people and feelings, about people like us. Irrespective if it’s B2C or B2B or H2H (Human 2 Human).

I dare to say we will live in a business world where B2C, B2B, or H2H will be outdated. We will live in a world of F2F – not face 2 face, but Feeling to Feeling. Yes, it is not something new, but it will soon become the only thing that matters.

Those marketers who will be able to create for their customers a Feeling to Feeling relationship will be the successful Retention Marketers.

If you are not convinced, listen loud to this video from a live concert.

Missing this? Well, this is what I call a feeling 2 feeling ecosystem. This is what we will need to create to retain customers. On purpose, I did not refer to Emotions 2 Emotions.

To be continued.