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Customer Experience without big data.

Customer Experience without Big Data. Never. As a business, you can't grow anymore if you don't collect and use customer data to create personalized experience. This is an article that summarizes the actual CX landscape and doesn't talk only about customer expectations, but about marketers expectations. A Data-Driven Approach To Customer Retention [...]

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Brand loyalty – what’s next?

Finally an article where when it comes to what's next for "brand loyalty" in the in the next generation of commerce we don't talk again about loyalty points and cards. Yes, you will find some info about Social Discounts, but the article ends with a memorable phrase: In the end, the ultimate question brands should ask themselves is: [...]

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Customer Experience in 2016

10 years ago, Google knew almost nothing about Customer Experience . In 2015, the Customer Experience strategy was a priority. In 2016, according to Forrester, it will become critical to success. Are we prepared? 2016: CX Leaders Will Adopt Agile, Insight-Led Innovation To Fuel Customer Obsession „In [...]

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Customer Experience. That’s all folks?

An article in which the author draws parallels between the evolution of Six Sigma and the Customer Experience. Briefly, he asks a good question, very good one: “Are we really trying to improve customer experience or are we just trying to improve out net promoter score (NPS)?” And talks about the main challenges of customer experience [...]

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A different perspective on influencers

While chasing new customers we forget to take a look at our existing ones – that are already enjoying our products. We can often see in marketing campaigns, in a desperate search for influencers, that we miss to stay in touch with our most important and powerful influencers: our existing customers. Maybe it would be [...]

By |2018-02-01T22:01:50+02:00October 26th, 2015|Industry News|0 Comments

It’s not all about Big Data

Big data already became insufficient. Companies that will manage to implement algorithms for making the most of the huge quantity of data available, generating direct impact on customer decision, we be more valuable than the ones that will just “sit” on an unorganized set of data. The Arrival of Algorithmic Business [...]

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About Gamification

Too many times we get involved in explaining and rationalizing simple things just to make them more complicated. Rarely we stop to ask and find answers to simple questions. That’s why, this kind of article brings a good perspective on the power of “simple”. How to get Gamification wrong [...]

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