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Experienta de peste 8 ani in Customer Retention si 11 ani de experienta profesionala in companii de top din Telecom, Banking & IT. Autor al primei carti despre Customer Retention din Romania. Doctorand in Cybernetica si Statistica – Statistici Informationale cu aplicatii in Management si Marketing.

Customer Retention în Virtual Reality.

Înainte de a citi acest articol, pentru o experiență completă, click PLAY. Virtual Reality Marketing Customer Retention 1. Introducerea. Acum nu mult timp, am avut ocazia să stau la masă cu oameni ieșit din comun de speciali - colegi din partea cealaltă a lumii. [...]

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Facebook Reactions in Customer Retention.

Facebook Reactions Segmentare Customer Retention 1. Introducerea. Va propun sa incercam sa intelegem impactul ultimei miscari a Facebook asupra strategiilor de Customer Retention si sa aflam macar o parte din motivele care au stat in spatele acestei miscari. Si aici nu ma refer la evidenta [...]

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Robert Murray: “Always Over React to Values Violations.”

About our guest. Robert Murray is a leadership expert, with over 25 years of business experience,  partner at Incrementa Consulting Inc., critically-acclaimed Author, and Global Speaker. He has held many important titles across the globe (including Vodafone Romania) and is an active Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator to many Fortune 1000 companies. On January 12th 2016 he re-launched his latest book It's [...]

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Brands that don’t lose. Their sense(s).

Richard Min, Manager EMEA at Air Aroma Group (a pioneering scent solutions company, the international leader in providing scent marketing solutions, fragrances and technologies), is sharing with us some of the Scent Marketing secrets. If you want to find out how to deliver Loyalty without points, cards or insignificant discounts, this is the interview to read. Air [...]

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Customer Retention – cei mai importanti 10 indicatori

Care sunt principalii indicatori pentru a monitoriza performanta unei strategii de Customer Retention? De multe ori, manati de presiunea obiectivelor si termenelor, avem tendinta sa incepem sa lucram la strategii fara sa conturam definitiile la care ne raportam. Pe parcurs, atunci cand ne blocam in schimburi de argumente pro sau contra [...]

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Customer Experience without big data.

Customer Experience without Big Data. Never. As a business, you can't grow anymore if you don't collect and use customer data to create personalized experience. This is an article that summarizes the actual CX landscape and doesn't talk only about customer expectations, but about marketers expectations. A Data-Driven Approach To Customer Retention [...]

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