Our story.

The beggining.

This is Retention started from the need of increasing the awareness of Customer Retention Strategies (not Loyalty) among marketing experts in Romania. In less than three years, under “This is Retention” Project, we shared our beliefs to more than 300 marketers,  500 students and over 1000 books and articles readers, covering 3 major cities and business hubs in Romania: Bucharest, Ploiești, and Cluj. And this was only the begging. Since 2014.

The Study.

We are pioneers in Customer Retention research. We conducted the first dedicated study applied to retention & loyalty specialists from top companies in Romania. The results were published in the book “This is Retention” and gave us all the reasons to move to next level: The first Study exclusively on Customer Retention dedicated to consumers. Here is more about our newest innovation in Customer Retention research.

The Book.

The launch event of the first book in Romania on Customer Retention (in collaboration with Starbucks) brought together distinguished personalities from academic & business communities. Keynote Speakers: Diana Cismaru, Ph.D. & Head of PR of the highly valued NUSPA University, Cătălin Coșoi, Global Communication Director at the most successful Romanian company and Sorin Mititelu, CEO of one of the biggest insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Projects.

Retention Strategies.

We are passioned about Customer Retention Strategies. Holding a strong expertise of over 12 years in industries like telecom, banking and IT, we are building churn prevention strategies with 100% hands-on approach. We believe in the success of strategies delivered with the full set: conceptualization to operational implementation, covering the most important aspects of a retention strategy: CAPEX & OPEX multi-annual predictions, reactive and proactive capabilities development, technical solutions implementation, pricing and customer communication tactics.

Sharing our lessons.

We believe in the power of academic education and we are promoters of sharing practical business knowledge & lessons to students. We were honored to deliver the first Customer Retention Courses in Romania to students from top Romanian Universities: The University of Bucharest, The Faculty of Communication (NUPSA) and The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. We covered fields like Statistics, Economics, Online & Social Media. Our commitment: we will respond undoubtedly & unconditionally to requests coming from the academic environment.


We think that business conferences need genuine expertise, real business stories & unsophisticated sessions. We are constantly striving to deliver this experience as keynote speakers & conferences moderators, covering topics like Mobile Advertising, Customer Care and, of course, Customer Retention, Loyalty & Experience. Based on participants feedback, we were constantly ranked as the Best Session, Best Speaker & Best Content. We are openly taking business conferences challenges, but only when we will find the genuine and unsophisticated eagerness for real business stories.

Our Beliefs.

We believe in customers who fall in love with brands. We believe in Customer Experience as the evolved form of loyalty. We believe in Data Science & Customer Statistics as creators of the future.

We believe in Customer Retention.

We are here to retain:

Customers before churning.
Companies before losing customers.
Values before losing companies.

We are here to believe in the unique mix of Customer Value, Brand Value, Authentic Values & Individual Values.

We are the global role model of top performance, expertise, and adaptability in Customer Loyalty & Retention. In a world where communities will have the power to change how businesses will evolve – only by intending to do so.

What's next?