Thisisretention Favicon 114x114Un articol de citit, de inchis, de redeschis, de recitit si de tinut minte. Spune despre Virtual Reality mai multe decat poate suntem pregatiti. Dar nu vom fi niciodata pregatiti sa il citim. Asadar, e un moment bun sa incepeti acum.

Why Facebook’s $2 Billion Bet on Oculus Rift Might One Day Connect Everyone on Earth

Oculus Rift

“Mark Zuckerberg made a $2 billion bet on a virtual-reality headset called the Oculus Rift, brainchild of 22-year-old Palmer Luckey, who sold his Kickstarter-funded breakthrough to Facebook this spring. With the Rift about to hit the market, and the competition heating up, Max Chafkin reports on what lies ahead.

The first time Mark Zuckerberg put on the awkward headset he knew. This is ready, he thought. This is the future.

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