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Robert Murray is a leadership expert, with over 25 years of business experience,  partner at Incrementa Consulting Inc., critically-acclaimed Author, and Global Speaker. He has held many important titles across the globe (including Vodafone Romania) and is an active Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator to many Fortune 1000 companies.

On January 12th 2016 he re-launched his latest book It’s Already InsideNurturing Your Innate Leadership for Business and Life Success, that in just one day became Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Read this unique guest post about your values.

How does taking care of your values influence Customer Retention? Would you, as a customer, stay loyal to a company that doesn’t take care of it’s company values, it’s employee’s values and, therefore, of it’s customers values?

Take care of your values in Robert Murray’s style. Read how. In this blog post and in chapter 15 of his latest book, It’s Already Inside. Nurturing Your Innate Leadership for Business and Life Success.

Always Over React to Values Violations.

Amongst all the changes that we have seen in business and life recently, the biggest one I see (and welcome with open arms) is people getting in touch with their personal values.

Values are those invisible things that get instilled inside of us from the time we are born. Our parents, grandparents, extended family, siblings, friends, teachers and coaches all share their personal values with each of us. Then, once we reach adulthood, we have a set of guiding principals programmed into our ‘software’ that help make choices all through life.

Guiding principals like integrity, honesty, family, health, freedom, etc.

Organizations have values as well.  Until recently, they were usually something that was posted on the Boardroom wall or made into a sticker that went onto the back of an employee ID card.  Little attention was ever paid to the values other than that.

Evolved organizations are now bringing their value set out into everyday conversations.  They are recruiting people that are aligned with the company’s values.  They work with customers that also align with the values.  It has become the defining point for an organization’s culture (after all, you always get the culture you deserve).

Robert S. Murray
Robert S. MurrayThe Author

Then we have something come along like Volkswagen.  They had company values too.  Customer Focused, Top Performing, Value Creating, Respect, Responsibility and Sustainability.  Thousands of Volkswagen team members and over 11 million customers around the world trusted Volkswagen and the values that they stood for.  Now, I doubt anyone, including their own employees trust that the leadership of Volkswagen will do the right thing.

Here’s the leadership lesson in all of this…

  1. Every organization needs to have a clearly defined set of values.
  2. Each and every leader needs to talk about the values daily (like brushing your teeth).
  3. Every leader needs to recruit for values alignment.
  4. And when someone violates the values – in any way – the leaders need to be swift and decisive in the response. That is, violators need to be shown a generous severance package immediately!

The law of nature is that you can only move as fast as your slowest team member. In business, a culture can only be as strong as the worst behaviour that a leader will tolerate.

 About the book: It’s Already Inside


If you thought that leadership―true, authentic values-based leadership―was all about mindlessly following directives from above and managing process, policy, and data, then you most likely find that you will be frustrated by your results, success, and happiness.

Authentic leadership comes from inside―a place where logic meets emotion, where people connect with people, where character is contagious, strategy is simple, and people believe they are making a difference, and are changing the world they live in.

It’s Already Inside is a leader’s journey to unlock the secret to connecting emotionally with people, finding balance, and having a more successful and happy life by inspiring others to discover their remarkable potential. Each chapter features a story-based passage with thought-provoking questions to help you unlock your own authentic greatness. You’ll finish It’s Already Inside with more insight, focus, and results that will bring more success, better relationships, and happiness.

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Amazon #1 Bestseller

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About Bob.

Robert Murray, best known as Bob, is indeed a leadership expert. He “walks the talks”. Meaning that what you will read in his book it’s exactly how Bob is in real life. There are numerous lessons to learn from Bob, but there is one that always meant a lot: take care of your values. These days, while we were working on preparing Bob’s guest post, we realized how much. Here is what This is Retention Team considered to be part of our Mission: We are here to help you and your business to retain values: “customer value”, “brand value”, “authentic values” & “individual value”. Thank you, Bob!