Thisisretention Favicon 114x114An article in which the author draws parallels between the evolution of Six Sigma and the Customer Experience. Briefly, he asks a good question, very good one: “Are we really trying to improve customer experience or are we just trying to improve out net promoter score (NPS)?” And talks about the main challenges of customer experience projects . Very interesting. Must read.

Will Customer Experience Survive?

„As a Master Black Belt at General Electric, I got to see the rise & fall of 6 Sigma. For those of you less than familiar with 6 Sigma, 1) thanks for already proving my point and 2) it’s a data-driven process improvement methodology that seeks to reduce customer defects. I know what some of you are thinking, “Wait a minute … there’s still plenty of black belt jobs around.” You’re right, but the emphasis is nothing like it was in the late 90’s to mid 2000’s when nearly every company was trying to get on the bandwagon and seemingly every project manager was trying to get a 6 sigma certification. FLO Partners released a study of process excellence professionals documenting that 71% of respondents used 6 Sigma in 2005 while only 33% did in 2013. What happened?”

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