Thisisretention Favicon 114x114Very good article on 3 essential tactics to close the gap between customers and experience. Yes, you will read again about “Put the customer first”, but this time with relevant examples. Furthermore, this is one of those rare articles where Customer Lifetime Value & Big Data are clearly explained.

Get Personal to Close the Customer Experience Gap

„Over the past few years, there’s been a tremendous shift in the marketing world. Consumers are more educated than ever before getting to the purchase stage thanks to multiple access points that provide not only information but serve as an outlet for voicing feedback, both good and bad.

As a result, marketers can no longer get away with irrelevant and disjointed communication with customers. A recent study from IBM found that four out of five consumers don’t feel that brands really know them. With so much data at a company’s disposal, this should not be the case. Information about customers is available through social media, mobile and Internet in addition to a company’s internal systems — call centers, customer relationship management, transactions, etc. But what good is all this data if marketers are not effectively learning from and acting on it to deliver personalized, relevant experiences?”

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