Thisisretention Favicon 72x72While chasing new customers we forget to take a look at our existing ones – that are already enjoying our products. We can often see in marketing campaigns, in a desperate search for influencers, that we miss to stay in touch with our most important and powerful influencers: our existing customers. Maybe it would be better and more efficient if we would pay more attention to the ones that are already delivering value for our company.

If A Company Buys Your Influence, Does It Earn Your Loyalty?

 „Influence has always been a commodity. It is for sale. “Influence peddling,” the illegal practice of using one’s influence to obtain favors or preferential treatment, has been around for ages.

Usually we’re talking about politicians when we discuss about buying and selling influence. However, it’s often said that the Internet has had a “democratizing” effect on society, and that is certainly true when it comes to creating a marketplace for influence.”

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