Contramanifest -

I don’t believe I am 100% right, but I believe I have sparkled at least one “Aha!”… and if I also managed to snatch a smile from you, it means I have a chance to make you loyal.

I don’t believe in customer loyalty based on drugstores’ cards, overwhelming discounts, points-based programs, especially if these, and only these, are the most important elements of a loyalty or retention strategy – in such case, the difference between these concepts doesn’t really matter anymore.

I don’t believe in retention strategies with aggressive pricing if these are added to pseudo-loyalty concepts as the ones above, or if they are the only ones used. I believe these are the most effective customer retention tactics, but not as a one size fits all principle.

I don’t believe in one size fits all and in “it’s all the same”. When Big Data & Data science become stronger and stronger by the day, when current CRM systems start to appear simplistic, treating all your customers the same is like using a cannon in an archery competition.

I don’t believe the road towards Loyalty 3.0 can go around a Customer Experience strategy. I don’t believe that, soon, an organization will be able to survive without creating a really personal relationship with its customer. I don’t’ believe such organizations will be able to survive the competition between the organization and the consumer.

In exchange, I believe in the Romanian Customer Loyalty & Retention specialists and experts. I believe some of these professionals will be able to survive in adhocracy, because they have the highest potential to make the most of their authenticity, because they are those who, in order to understand the business, need to understand the whole business, from the type of organization and bureaucracy until the last client who will fall in love with the brand or who, oh, cruel reality, will leave.  Sorry, will be retained.

Anybody else agrees with me?