Brand loyalty – what’s next?

Finally an article where when it comes to what's next for "brand loyalty" in the in the next generation of commerce we don't talk again about loyalty points and cards. Yes, you will find some info about Social Discounts, but the article ends with a memorable phrase: In the end, the ultimate question brands should ask themselves is: [...]

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A different perspective on influencers

While chasing new customers we forget to take a look at our existing ones – that are already enjoying our products. We can often see in marketing campaigns, in a desperate search for influencers, that we miss to stay in touch with our most important and powerful influencers: our existing customers. Maybe it would be [...]

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Can we deliver Loyalty without Customer Service?

A very interesting article about how important is quality in Customers Service in delivering and achieving the supreme goal: Customer Loyalty. According to the study you will find in the article, 68% of our customers are leaving us due to poor Customer Service. Lend an ear to this one. Customers Want Better Customer Service…or Else! [...]

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I don't believe in retention strategies with aggres-sive pricing if these are added to pseudo-loyalty con-cepts as the ones above, or if they are the only ones used. I believe these are the most effective customer re-tention tactics, but not as a one size fits all principle.

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