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Retaining Customers in Virtual Reality?

Before reading the following article, for a complete experience, click  PLAY. Virtual Reality Marketing Customer Retention 1. Introduction. Not very long ago, I had the opportunity to join for lunch some extremely special people – colleagues from the other part of the world. From around [...]

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Brands that don’t lose. Their sense(s).

Richard Min, Manager EMEA at Air Aroma Group (a pioneering scent solutions company, the international leader in providing scent marketing solutions, fragrances and technologies), is sharing with us some of the Scent Marketing secrets. If you want to find out how to deliver Loyalty without points, cards or insignificant discounts, this is the interview to read. Air [...]

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Customer Retention – 10 most important indicators

What are the main indicators for monitoring the performance of a Customer Retention strategy? Many times, due to objectives and deadlines constrains, we tend to start working on strategies development without clarifying the main definitions to work with. While deploying the strategy, when we get stuck in pros and cons around a decision, [...]

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I don't believe in retention strategies with aggres-sive pricing if these are added to pseudo-loyalty con-cepts as the ones above, or if they are the only ones used. I believe these are the most effective customer re-tention tactics, but not as a one size fits all principle.

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